How New Vehicle Tech Can Help to Keep Your Teens Safe

Posted on: 11 December 2019

If you are the head of a growing family, you always want to make sure that the people you're responsible for are well cared for and as safe as possible. This philosophy will certainly apply when it comes to your household transportation, especially when you are getting ready to buy a car. In this case, you may be trying to decide between a used car and a new vehicle. Why should you always consider buying new when you have teenagers?

Teenage Drivers

Any parent with a teenager knows that there is a certain amount of risk involved whenever they first get behind the wheel. While they may be quite mature for their age in many respects, this is an entirely new environment, and many distractions could potentially get in the way.

For this reason, it's a good idea to take advantage of the latest technology built into new vehicles by their respective manufacturers, all of which have been designed to make things a lot easier for teenagers. This technology can certainly help to calm even the most nervous parent as well, as it can help the teenager and provide feedback as needed.

Special Tech

One kind of technology can direct all incoming phone calls automatically to voicemail and will restrict the vehicle's top speed when your teen is driving. In order to activate the system, the teenager will have a special key which will be set to a restricted driving mode and which will automatically trigger these safeguards when they turn on the car.

There is another kind of technology that will not only alert the driver if they pass a certain speed but will also record the incident in an electronic report card. Furthermore, your teen driver won't be able to crank up their favourite sounds to the max, as this can be very distracting in its own right. Instead, the volume will be maxed out at a reasonable level.

Report Card Review

Perhaps best of all is the report card, which can be reviewed by you, the parent, and will provide interesting information. In addition to any speed warnings, it will show if your teen has been driving too close to another vehicle, for example.

Driver education is very important for teenagers, but any artificial help in the form of technology is welcome. Make sure that you buy a new vehicle equipped with these systems so that you can sleep more soundly at night. Contact businesses like Blue Ribbon Motors to take a look at new cars that are available.