5 Customisations to Increase the Functionality of Your Enclosed Car Trailer

Posted on: 30 December 2019

Enclosed car trailers are great for users who wish to transport their vehicles without exposing them to the elements. You can move your car from one location to another during winter or hot summer days without worrying about damage to the car's body. If you're on the market for an enclosed trailer, consider getting a custom-made one. 

Customised car trailers are incredibly functional and efficient. Below are some great customisations that will improve the functionality of the trailer.

1. Taller Ceiling for Tall Cars

Car trailers come in standard heights that are suitable for conventional cars. If you have a taller car, such as a classic or vintage vehicle, you need a taller enclosed trailer to transport it. Therefore, customise the trailer to extend its height so it can properly fit your vehicle. Remember to adjust the door opening height as well.

2. Customised Interior for an Appealing Look

Trailers are functional vehicles, but this doesn't mean that they cannot look good as they haul your car from one location to another. You can customise the interior to give the trailer an appealing look. Some customisations to consider include finished or painted walls using your colours of choice, custom flooring and much more. You can also add cabinets and a workbench!

3. Open Center for Easy DIY Car Repairs

Would you like to inspect or repair your car while it's on the trailer? Doing so saves you from jacking up your vehicle for repairs. You can easily achieve this by customising your car trailer to include an open centre. This allows you to go underneath the trailer and access your vehicle for inspections and repairs.

4. Side Gate for Easy Access

You could also add a side gate to your trailer for easy access. The door allows you to access the car without necessarily opening the back door on the vehicle. You can also use the door to get out of your car while in the trailer. Therefore, ensure you place it strategically to allow room for this function. 

5. Air Conditioning for Comfort

Car trailers are not just meant for transporting cars. You may want to ride in it or carry out DIY tasks on your trailer's workbench. In this case, you need a comfortable space with fresh air. What's more, in the summer, the heat can cause systems in your vehicle to overheat and malfunction. Install air conditioning in your trailer for comfort and protection during the hot summer days. 

A car trailer can do so much, only if you customise it. These customisations will enhance the functionality and efficiency of your new trailer.