What Are the Financial Benefits of a Dry Hire Crane Deal?

Posted on: 11 December 2020

If you need to hire a crane, then you need a licensed operator too. If you take a wet hire deal, the operator comes with the crane; if you opt for a dry hire alternative, all you get is the crane. You then have to find an operator to run it. In some cases, it's more cost effective to go for a dry hire. How will this save you money?

Get Lower Hire Costs

Wet hire is typically more expensive than dry hire. You pay for the operator as well as the machine. So, if you make a dry hire, your basic hire costs reduce. You simply pay for the time you have the crane and any delivery costs if applicable.

Avoid Paying for Expertise You Already Have

If you already employ someone who has a crane operating license and who can use the machine you hire, then it doesn't make financial sense to pay wet hire costs for an operator. You'll effectively end up paying twice for these skills. So, you'll pay your operator anyway if they are on the job already. You'll then pay extra hire costs for the operator that comes with the crane.

If you take a dry hire option, you simply get your own operator to do this job. You won't double up on wage costs. Even if you don't have a licensed operator on site, you might know a subbie or freelancer who can do the job at a better rate so you overall costs stay lower.

Get the Job Done Quicker

While a wet hire crane operator knows how to use their crane, they won't know anything about your job. It might take them time to get up to speed and to understand what you need them to do. They might have to hang around waiting for time when you need the crane. You'll pay for their time whether they're working or not.

If you have your own operator on site, then they'll already know what needs to be done. They'll understand where and when they need to work. They understand where they fit in the overall project plan. When you don't need them on the crane, they can get on with other jobs.

This site and job knowledge also helps them work more quickly. The quicker they work, the less time you'll need the crane. So, as well as saving money on wet hire costs, you could also reduce the amount of time you need the crane. Your overall hire costs could end up lower.

To find out more about dry hire cranes and their costs, contact local crane hire companies.