4 Questions to Ask an Interstate Machinery Transport Company

Posted on: 27 July 2021

If you need to move heavy machines or vehicles to another state, then an interstate heavy haulage specialist is a good option. These companies can move your items easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

Before you choose a haulage company, ask the following questions.

1. What Are Their Pick-Up/Drop-Off Options?

Haulage companies offer different pick-up and drop-off options. For example, some companies work on a door-to-door model. They pick up your load from your base and then deliver it directly to its final destination.

Other companies use a depot-to-depot system. Here, you have to get your load to their freight depot. You then have to pick it up from a depot at the end of its journey.

If you will find it hard to drop off a machine or piece of equipment, or if hiring transport to do this job would significantly increase your costs, then a company that offers a door-to-door service will be easier and cheaper. However, if you can work with a depot-to-depot service, then this might lower your haulage costs.

2. Which Transport Solutions Do They Offer?

While many interstate heavy haulage companies transport loads by road, this isn't your only transport option. Some companies also use sea freight or a mix of road and sea to make deliveries from state to state.

Ask companies the route they will take. In some cases, sea freight might be cheaper and quicker; in others, road is the most efficient route to take.

3. Can They Organise Permits?

If you're moving machinery or vehicles to a new state, then you might need permits before the load can cross state lines. This often applies to oversized loads that include wider, heavier or taller pieces of equipment or machinery.

For example, you might need police permits if your load might hold up traffic on certain roads on the route. Or, you might need an electricity permit if you're transporting something tall that might snag an electrical line.

Some haulage companies organise these permits for you. This is a useful service that could save you time and money.

4. How Far in Advance Do You Need to Book?

Haulage companies often work to set schedules. They make runs to different locations on set days or dates. Some slots book up quickly.

Check how far ahead you would need to book a freight slot. If a company can't deliver to your schedule, you might need to find a different partner to work with.

The answers to these questions will help you choose the right interstate machinery transport company for your needs. Once you have chosen a partner, you can talk to them about booking your load. Contact companies that offer interstate machinery transport services in your area to learn more.